5 Things You Should Never Wear To a Corporate Workplace

If you work in a corporate environment, there are some rules and regulations you should follow to stay aligned in a professional environment. In a corporate setting, some things are a definite no-no and it is best to steer clear of them. If you’re a newbie that’s about to start working in a corporate office, you should be aware of these standards, especially when it comes to dressing yourself for work in corporate uniforms sydney. Here are 5 things you should never wear to a corporate workplace;

Skin Revealing Clothes

Clothes that reveal skin like off shoulders or backless dresses or in some cases, even sleeveless blouses can be really trendy and fashionable in a more casual setting, but there is no place for them in a corporate workplace. It can be difficult sometimes to pick clothes because most of the fashion industry for women’s workplace attire revolves around tight clothing and pencil skirts that definitely make you look great, but can be distracting for others in a workplace and hence it is necessary to find a fine line between being smartly dressed and being a distraction.

Sandals or Informal Footwear

The ethics of corporate workplace attire suggests you don’t wear casual shoes to work like sandals, slippers or flip flops. They make you look way too casual, lazy and laid back which is never a good sign and gives off a bad impression to whoever sees it. Open toed shoes can work in some cases which are still formal-looking but more often than not, you have to find a balance between the two.

Too Much Perfume

It is always pleasant for other people around you if you smell nice but there is a such thing as too much perfume. Don’t wear so much that distracts and annoys others around you in a corporate office and makes it seem like you never shower and are overcompensating for it!

Extravagant Jewelry

Anything distracting needs to stay out of the corporate office! In a workplace where everyone is trying to focus on work and trying to get the job done, wearing extravagant, dangly or flamboyant jewelry can go against the dress code and can be highly distracting for other people.

Popping Colors

Avoid wearing sharp and bright, distracting colors in the corporate workplace. A workplace dress code usually promotes toned down colors that look more formal and are not attention-diverting. It would become almost impossible for people to get work done if the office turned into a fashion parade.